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alina astilean


Alina Astilean is an elite personal trainer & nutritionist located in Los Angeles, CA.   Over the last 6 years, she has worked with countless clients focusing on weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, and general health and wellness.  Alina believes fitness and exercise should be made enjoyable so that it becomes an integral part of someones daily life, as opposed to a temporary plan or program.  She works with every client to achieve real results that can be maintained over a lifetime, through customized meal plans and exercise programs that are simple to sustain.  Her clients range from models, actors, and pro athletes, to lawyers, real estate brokers, and stay at home moms.

Alina specializes in strength and conditioning programs and customizes all workouts to fit each person's specific schedule, areas of focus, and desired goals.  Her unique training style allows clients to learn and understand how different exercise modalities affects their unique body type.  Her extensive knowledge of nutrition also allows her to provide expert guidance to clients so they can best understand the types of foods and eating patterns that will allow them to get the most efficient results.