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Custom 6 Week Online Training Program

Custom 6 Week Online Training Program



  • Custom made weight-training and cardio program designed specifically for your focus, body type, schedule and goals - all injuries and limitations are taken into account, and the program is created to eliminate any excuses that would hold you back from achieving ideal results
  • Weekly check ins and progress updates (required for accountability) 
  • Anytime support available via e-mail, phone call or text message

Nutritional Guide Set-up (included in training program)

  • Nutritional plan guidance (General outline to help you structure your meal plans based on your goals- suggested for best results)
  • Customized macronutrient/calories (determined based on height, weight& level of physical activity)
  • Supplement suggestions and/or advice in regards to your training.

All programs are based on your specific schedule and goals.  You provide us with the areas you want to target, goal for your overall physique and appearance, amount of time available to workout, primary goal and focus, injuries, etc., and your workout and nutrition overview will be customized to fit those individual specifications.  THIS IS NOT YOUR STANDARD COOKIE CUTTER PROGRAM.  Our programs are backed by a strong education within the health and fitness world and in depth research of new techniques, advanced exercise styles, nutritional guidelines and principles, and much more.
This program is perfect for someone who needs an exact structure and day to day breakdown of both exercise and nutrition.

*If you choose to continue after 6 weeks, training program renewal for the next phase is only $100

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